Aeronautic Engineering

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Published: 21/01/2021 - 00:00
Last modification: 05/05/2022 - 09:37
About the course: 

In modern aviation, safety and operational efficiency requirements, in a scenario of fierce market competition, mean that the domain of aeronautical technology is restricted to a small number of countries, among which Brazil is included. Several indicators point to the fact that the country lacks Aeronautical Engineers to meet the growing demand resulting from the expansion of air transport and the need to promote technological innovations necessary to guarantee the competitiveness of the Brazilian aeronautical industry at the international level.

The Aeronautical Engineering student will be able to engage in several extra-curricular activities that can be validated with credits, such as: competition teams (Aerodesign, Mini-Baja and Mobile Robotics), Tutorial Education Program, Junior Enterprise, Scientific Initiation and Mobility International.

Professional Profile: 

The Aeronautical Engineer graduated from UFU will be able to work in the design, manufacture and maintenance of small, medium and large, civil and military fixed and rotary wing aircraft, as well as in the planning and management of air transport companies. Due to his solid and comprehensive training, he will be able to work in various sectors of the industry, in research centers or public agencies, and will be able to complement his training at the postgraduate level (Specialization, Master's or Doctorate).

Academic regime: 
Semester with annual entry
Offer round: 
10 semesters
Minimum term: 
10 semesters
15 semesters
Number of vacancies offered: 
20 semester vacancies
Opening Times: 
Monday to friday: 7h30-11h30 and 13h30-17h30
+55 34 3232-1234 R:4548
+55 34 3123-4567 R:1234
Secretary of the Aeronautical Engineering Course
+55 34 2512-6768
Opening Times: 
Monday to Friday - 7h30 às 22h15 Saturday - 8h às 11h45
BR 0-50, Km 78, bloco 1DCG, 2o. piso - Bairro Campus do Glória
Uberlândia - MG - CEP 38410-337