Mechatronics Engineering

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Published: 21/01/2021 - 00:00
Last modification: 03/05/2022 - 14:47
About the course: 

The undergraduate course in Mechatronics Engineering was started at UFU in 2004, based on Mechanical Engineering and basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with the objective of training engineers with generalist, humanistic, critical and reflective training, capable of absorbing new technologies. . Upon graduation, the mechatronics engineer should be able to face engineering problems in a multidisciplinary way, considering their training, also encompassing technical, ethical, environmental, economic, political and social aspects; be entrepreneurial, creative, innovative, develop teamwork; have self-confidence and competence regarding the use of equipment inherent to their profession. Mechatronics Engineering students are encouraged to participate in Research developed by research professors, participating as scientific initiation scholarship students, they are motivated to participate in events that put them in contact with the real situation of the job market.

Academic regime: 
Semester with annual entry
Offer round: 
10 semesters
Minimum term: 
10 semesters
18 Semesters
Number of vacancies offered: 
20 semester vacancies
Opening Times: 
Monday to Friday: 08h to 12h and 13h to 17h.
+55 34 2512-6770 R:6770
+55 34 2512-6771 R:6771
Opening Times: 
Segunda-feira a Sexta-feira, das 08h às 12h e das 13h às 17h.
Rodovia BR 050 - km 78 - Bairro Campus do Glória
Uberlândia - MG - CEP 38410-337